Essays, Letters, etc.

Who Are the Quakers?

My “Aha!” Moment

A Look at Prayer

An Open Letter to President Bush
[Regarding separation of church and state]

An Open Letter Re. 9-11 in the Fresno Bee

PYM Bumper StickerQueries on Our Response to Terrorism

FCNL Statement on the September 11 Attacks

A Rationale for Counter-Recruitment

A History of Our Participation in
the Visalia Times Delta Pastor’s Column

The Good Samaritan — June 2002 Pastor’s Column

Judgment Day — November 2002 Pastor’s Column

Why We Oppose, and Will Continue to Oppose, This War

Melting the Iceberg of Violence — May 2003 Pastor’s Column

There Is But One God — October 2003 Pastor’s Column

On Earth as it Is in Heaven — October 2004 Pastor’s Column

Seeking the Light — February 2005 Pastor’s Column

The Bible Says…  — May 2005 Pastor’s Column

Responding to Katrina — October 2005 Pastor’s Column

Racism in Visalia: A Reflection on MLK Day, 2006

Article published in The Canadian supporting US Military Resistors in Canada

Web Pages & Activities of Members/Attenders
Promoting Quaker Values

(These web pages are produced by and reflect the views of the named individuals.
They should not be interpreted as speaking for the Visalia Friends Meeting.)

Social Documentary Photography in California and Asia
Saundra Sturdevant

The L-Curve: Income Distribution of the United States
Thinking About War and Participation in War

Collected Writings
David Chandler

Progressive Writers Bloc
A group formed to contribute opinion pieces to local newspapers. Meeting members and attenders participating in the group include Lisa Bilek, Ed Brennen, Tony Brown, David and Billie Chandler, Heather Howard, Bill Lovett, David Roberts, Greg Seastrom, Bill and Jeanie Warner, and Trudy Wischemann.
(No longer active, but the web page continues to receive hundreds of hits per month.)