Antiwar Activity

Cost of the War in Iraq
Iraq Deaths Estimator

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The Visalia Friends Meeting has been at the forefront of local antiwar activities, leading to the formation of an umbrella group, the South Valley Peace Center. We maintained a vigil on the corner of Mooney and Walnut every Sunday from September 2002 through the “nominal end” of the war in Iraq. We are now on the street again, first Sunday of each month, protesting our continuing destructive involvement in Iraq.

Immigration Issues

Several of our members and attenders are involved with the AFSC’s Proyecto Campesino in Visalia. Additionally, one member, Saundra Sturdevant, worked through her own documentary photography and the Migrant Photography Project to raise consciousness of the plight of immigrant labor in the fields of California’s Central Valley.

anti-Minuteman Rally
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Our New YouTube Channel

The Visalia Friends Meeting now has its own YouTube channel. The intention is to post videos describing the wide range of issues our members and attenders are involved with.